No to Pressure cookers: Choose Electric Instant Pot for your kitchens

No to Pressure cookers: Choose Electric Instant Pot for your kitchens

Definitely you notice a change in lots of kitchen. Instant Pots – A kitchen gadget which enter in many houses & become famous. Long time back, Wilson said about Instant Pot – “a labor-saving device that factors in what a cook needs and feels.” Instant Pots become favourite among busy parents who use them to instantly serve breakfast, lunch or even dinner. You may amaze to know that everything can be cooked more quickly with same awesome taste in Instant pot.

What exactly is an Instant pot?

As we can guess by its name, Instant Pots is multi-use appliance which can do the job of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and list is long. In short , it save your precious time & money. You just need to put anything ( not literally) , set timer in it and then forget about it which we accidentally do multiple times, in time. Its a blessing for many husbands including me.

No one think that one appliance can be a rice cooker and also cake maker. Everyone favourite kitchen appliance – instant pot comes with a preset programs ( like microwave ) which allow us to cook our food perfectly, just like master chef. What you want to cook – cake, beef stew, porridge, rice, yogurt or hard-boiled eggs. Anyone can make them with it.

It’s becoming quite popular due to quickness and versatility which not possible in tradition presser cooker. Do you ever notice that many mothers, chefs suffer from burnout while using pressure cooker? Busy parents always looking for cooking shortcuts to avoid food orders from mobile apps. If you don’t have the time or energy to wait for home food then don’t think much about pros & cons and just buy it.

What makes Instant Pot better than other pressure cookers?

2 best thing about it – Its more safer & save time in cooking than the conventional pressure cooker. Instant Pot Pressure Cooker come with 7 different safety features. It also comes with auto programs.

What is the difference between a pressure cooker and an Instant Pot?

The Instant Pot models are quite easy to operate. You just need to set it by clicking a button and nothing else. On other hand, the regular pressure cooker demands your regular attention. You will need to be checking every once in a while to cook your meals.

Never ignore importance about food taste. There also certain types of food that are better to cook in the stovetop and other better on the Instant Pot like if you wish to brown certain types of meat the Stovetop are the best as well in terms of the size of the pot.

An Instant Pot is a pressure cooker Newer pressure cookers are self-contained, electric, and have digital controls for custom settings. They contain a valve that allows for a natural pressure release, or a manual (quick) release.

A ‘traditional’ pressure cooker is like a large pot, with a lid that seals the pot and a gasket in that lid. The lid and the gasket contains the moisture/steam, and allows the pressure to build. The build up of pressure allows water to be heated to temps beyond water’s boiling point; the high temps are what cooks foods faster. Once a traditional pressure cooker has food put in, and its sealed, it is placed on a heat source (gas or electric stove top). The lid contains a value, that valve is covered by a weighted pressure regulator.

It seems complicated, its really not. It takes some getting used to, and many are afraid to try them if they are new to its use. Its a very useful kitchen cooking tool, and it does a great job cooking many meats, potatoes, beans, etc. There are hundreds of recipes on Pinterest that describe exactly how to set your Instant Pot for whatever you want to cook. The 1 rule to remember – put at least 1 cup of liquid (usually water, or broth) in with whatever food you put in before closing the lid, and setting the valve to contain the steam.

Try it out, once you get past the learning curve, you will love it. It does an amazing job hard-boiling eggs. Super easy, and the shells practically pop off the eggs.

History of Instant Pot : Do you know ?

Most people don’t know that The pressure cooker was invented by Denis Papin, a French physicist, in 1679. It become part of household cooking appliance during World War II. People wanted to save cooking time. Pressure cooking is often used to simulate the effects of long braising or simmering in shorter periods of time.

Bee Wilson, a British journalist, historian, food writer, and author who used an Instant Pot, it made her cry with joy relief. In her essay in the Women on Food anthology, she recalls coming home after a tiring day of her son’s sports and smelling the vegetable biryani she had put to cook on time delay hours earlier.

But the Instant Pot felt different. It was, writes Wilson, “a labor-saving device that factors in what a cook needs and feels.” This seems linked to its creation, which was not from a large corporation, but by an out-of-work software engineer, Robert Wang, who devise a a product for their families – The Instant Pot.

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